Child Loss Assistance and Support

Angels of Hope, Inc. wishes to increase awareness of the grieving process as it relates to the loss of a child, with the hope of offering positive support during times of need. We hope that those who need us will find us and that we are able to provide them with some form of assistance.

Silver Cross Hospital offers a Bereavement Support Group. Click here for dates and details:
Bereavement Support Group at Silver Cross

Sawyer’s Heart Project

Our Story

On June 3, 2010 – our lives were forever changed. My husband Erik and I were faced with the devastating loss of our infant son, Sawyer Erik Williams, just two days after he was born three months premature. Although our loss was tragic and heartbreaking, the blow was softened by the generous donation of an infant remembrance box to Comer Children’s Hospital’s Neonatal-Intensive Care Unit. Because of this gift, we were able to make beautiful memories with Sawyer that are treasured in our hearts forever. As my husband pushed me in a wheelchair out of the hospital’s birthing unit, I tightly clung onto the plaster mold of our son’s tiny feet, a lock of his dark hair and so many other special trinkets that I will always be grateful for receiving. At that moment, I knew that I never wanted another mother to leave the hospital with empty arms – and this is our effort to ensure that we can provide comfort to parents in a time of tremendous loss.

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Angels of Hope, Inc., has partnered with Sawyer’s Heart Project to provide memory boxes to area hospitals to provide to parents who are suffering from a stillbirth or loss of an infant.

Infertility Grant

Creating Miracles Grant

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Child Loss Grant

Everlasting Footprints Grant

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Buy a Brick

To help memorialize the children that have been lost, Angels of Hope Inc., is offering the purchase of bricks to be placed by the Angel in the Memorial Garden.

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Annual Vigil

Learn more about our annual Candlelight Vigil.